internet art in french;)

June 17, 2008

French-speaking interactive and animated “internet art” gets its very own festival, celebrated at Paris’ Centre Pompidou.

This event is organised around the themes of creation and artistic diffusion of animated content (Shockwave Flash™) on the worldwide web.

During the day, there are conferences and debates plus the chance to see the latest animation. In the evening, prizes are awarded to the best French-language internet sites.

obiekty szkoleniowe Kraków


2 days in Paris

June 4, 2008

Humorous movie with Julie Deply and Adam Goldberg. Funny story of French girl and American boy.
They spend 2 days in Paris. He doesn`t know the language. But it isn`t so disturbing as mental differences between French people and American ones.

I recommend it!:)

Hôtel Paris Best Western Jardin de Cluny

January 30, 2008

What fo you think about this hotel? I am going to visit my sister and I was wondering if it`s worth its price?

Happy New Year of 2008!!!

January 3, 2008

Bois de Vincennes

December 18, 2007

The Bois de Vincennes, Paris’s largest park, was originally fenced off as royal hunting grounds. Today, scattered among its trees are peaceful lakes and even a château completed in 1370 under the reign of Charles V. In past years, the château has served as a city fortress and prison. Parc Floral -the flower garden – is a delight throughout the year, thanks to its hundreds of species of rainbow-hued flowers. Also located in the park is a zoo with 1200 bird and mammal inhabitants.

World Circus Festival ..

September 20, 2007

The annual Circus Festival provides an unequalled opportunity to see top international circus performers from famous schools together under one roof, including acts from the Beijing Circus, the Moscow Circus, the Knie Circus and local talent Ecole Fratellini. The aim is to bring together young acrobats, animal trainers and clowns and to reveal new and exciting trends in circus acts from traditional, modern and experimental circus performances.

The “Beach” of Paris

August 6, 2007

Relaxing under a palm tree on a chaise longue sounds more Caribbean than Parisian, but a nearly 4.8km (3-mile) stretch of sandy shore has opened along the Seine. With the Eiffel Tower looming in the background, visitors and locals can splash in fountains, swing in hammocks, play volleyball, or enjoy a picnic. Just don’t go into the polluted water of the murky Seine. The Paris beach opened in the late summer of 2003, after tons of sand were poured into concrete bases along the river.

Paris Activities and Attractions – for Couples and Honeymooners

July 23, 2007

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower, but there are two other ways to get high with your honey. The Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame both provide stunning views of the city.

Wine and dine!
There are few things better to savor in Paris than a wonderful meal, accompanied by a delectable bottle of wine. You can also pop in anywhere to find this. Wander along the Champs Elysees until a sidewalk cafe captures your attention.

Walk arm in arm!
Venture to the Ile Saint Louis (near Notre Dame) for a great neighborhood for walking. The tiny island within the Seine has cute boutique shops, nice restaurants and nightclubs filled with locals. Be sure to try Berthillon, a delicious ice cream that can only be found in this small neighborhood.

Jazz it up!
This is one of the best cities in the world to listen to jazz, whether it’s at a smoky hole-in-the-wall or a popular club. Hit any jazz club, snuggle, sip wine and listen to the sounds of Gay Paris!

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

June 28, 2007

This park, established in the mid-19th century, boasts a manmade lake, complete with its own island. A Romanesque temple sits within the park, offering great views of the surrounding area. A suspension bridge and a grotto also add charm to the lovely greenspace. Aside from sightseeing, park activities include picnics, ice skating, scenic walks, donkey rides, and puppet shows.

June 7, 2007